Vero CEO Ayman Hariri

Vero CEO Ayman Hariri

Ayman Hariri, Vero CEOis the founder and developer of the latest trendsetter app, Vero. He is well-known for belonging to one of the most influential and wealthy families in the Middle-East. His father, late Rafic Hariri, was the ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon and founder of the construction company ‘Saudi Ogre.’ His half-brother Saad Hariri is the current Lebanese Prime Minister.

Early life:

Ayman Hariri, Vero CEO, was born on 16 May 1978 in Saudi Arabia. He spent his childhood in Riyadh before moving to Paris at the age of twelve. He is the second-youngest son of late Rafic Hariri and his second wife, Nazik Hariri. His father was the prime minister of Lebanon and also the founder of the famous construction company Saudi Ogre.

Ayman Hariri, since his childhood was always inclined towards computer science. Although his father had wanted him to join Ogre, he has always been a tech lover. Finally, after convincing his father, he switched his course from business to computer science at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C and graduated as a computer science graduate in 1999.

Personal life:

Ayman Hariri, the Vero CEO, is a billionaire with a net worth of $ 1.3 billion according to the Forbes estimation. His father late Rafic Hariri was also an influential man, was the ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon and the founder of the largest construction company in Saudi Arabia ‘Saudi Ogre’. His half-brother Saad Hariri is the current P.M of Lebanon.

After his father was assassinated, Ayman who was living in D.C at that time shifted to Riyadh and took part in the family business. He was the deputy CEO and deputy chairperson of ‘Ogre’ before he transferred his shares in the name of his brother Saad Hariri to develop and focus on his own startup Vero.

Hariri is married and has three children. He recently shifted from Riyadh and moved to Italy with his family. Ayman has always preferred to remain a low-key person and tries to shy away from the limelight. Currently, he is in the spotlight, owing to the fame of his social media app Vero.

Career and Vero:

Right after his father’s assassination, he joined Ogre as the deputy CEO and deputy Chairperson of the company. But after the company went bankrupt, owing to the oil crisis in Saudi, he sold his stakes to his brother Saad Hariri and began focusing on new initiatives.

Hariri invested his money in his self-developed social media app Vero which was available for download from the year 2015. According to him, ‘Vero had always been the pursuit of his dreams, and it was the sole reason why he left everything to focus on it completely’.

Vero is a social media app that was created as an alternative to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, keeping in mind the privacy issues that users generally face. Vero is a first of its kind, ad-free and algorithm-free app that is entirely user-centric. It allows its users to share pictures, videos, and music. Vero has now gained immense popularity and has gone on to become the second most sought after app in Apple app store and the most popular app in Google play store.

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