Natural Factors Mental Calmness: Tress – Relax- Suntheanine – 60 Chewable Tablets

Natural Factors Mental Calmness: Tress – Relax- Suntheanine – 60 Chewable Tablets

Natural factor mental calmness contains pure L-theanine a unique amino acid found in green tea that occurs as premier natural product supporting mental calmness and relaxation at large. Suntheanine is produced by proprietary enzymatic process which will produce L-Thianine with a maximum effectiveness and mostly comes from fruit flavored chewable tablet. The quality herbal product will start with the highest quality organic plant materials.

Its efficiency of herbalist has been affected by growing conditions,harvesting, processing and even storage of it. They are grown without chemical like fertilizers,herbicides, fungicides or rather pesticides. In this case natural substances which have been approved by the organic industry are the only one will be used. The fresh herbs are harvested without traces of unwanted chemicals; even seed itself and the plant are all organic. Natural factor mental calmness is well known to provide a full spectrum of the essential vitamin B which helps in adrenal function, calm and maintain a healthy nervous system therefore helping the body to adapt to the stress by increasing alert and its vitality. Zinc is still added as an antioxidant and immune support, along with other herbs like Eluethero root and Rhodiolarosea.

It has got 100% vegetarian product which has an aromatic botanical an essence added along with natural plant co-factor. Many unhealthy conditions, including overeating, smoking, anxiety, memory problems and also sleeplessness are some of body responses to stress. Many people get stressed when they are at work or due to their personal lives. The Canada Company goals is to deliver supplements which has wisdom of ancient herbal physician and science of modern clinical research while enhancing the health of consumers worldwide

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