Haircuts for summer 2017 | Summer Hairstyles for 2017

Haircuts for summer 2017 | Summer Hairstyles for 2017

Renewing is always good; a good haircut can make all the difference. That’s why you cannot miss the best ideas to renew your look this summer, also look cool and radiant. You’ll be surprised

  1. Type of hair

Before everything! Remember that there is always a change of look for each type of hair, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your personality and type of face. Once that is clear, it’s time to start!

Straight hair

People with straight hair can comb their hair faster than people with curly hair, perhaps have curly hair but brushing you can achieve a good cut. People with this type of hair can experience all types of haircuts.

Curly hair

People with curly hair should take into account especially the shape of the face, this style of hair has a lot of volume so you will need a cut that helps them to eliminate this volume and shape it, helping to highlight facial features.

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  1. Type of Face

A haircut is the best way to highlight your features and even hide some features that you do not like, following these tips can choose the cut that favors you and go perfect with your style and personality.

Square face

People with the square face have a very wide jaw area so you have to treat and disguise this type of faction, ideally a stepped cut or with soft layers, the length can be up to the shoulders, bob can work for this Face, as long as it is a disheveled bob that frames the face you should avoid bangs and pixie cuts.

Oval face

Considered the perfect face as it has balance in all areas of the face. All types of hairstyles are perfect for this face. The medium hair, that is to say, neither very long nor very short is the one that favors this type of faces for any type of hair, the straight bangs or cuts bob are the best option for this face what should be avoided is the very long fringe Because it removes proportion to the face, if you prefer a very short hair instead of a pixie test an angular bangs with longer hair than others.

Inverted Triangle Face

In this type of face the area of ​​the chin is very thin so it is sought to narrow the face and give volume to the area of ​​cheekbones and chin, the length does not matter in this type of faces but ideally a cut in layers underneath Of the cheekbones to give volume to the jaw, a side bangs is also a good choice or a pixie cut with this type of fringes can also work.

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Round face

People with round faces have broad cheeks as well as the chin which gives the shape of roundness to the face, what is sought for this type of face is to refine the features and remove the volume of hair from the face. The best hair cuts are the long layers that give volume to the top of the head to give a long face effect, the side bangs and degrafiladas wicks will help remove the weight to the cheeks the best length is below Of the chin although there are some pixie cuts that help to highlight the eyes, avoid the straight fringes.

  1. Haircuts

After you have figured out the type of face you have and the length you want, it is time to look for ideas for summer, a time of changes and that you cannot pass up.

Medium Hair

Here are some haircuts that are perfect for those girls who want to bet on a medium look, neither too long nor too short.

Long Sleeves

This cut is very cute because it allows you to look all over your face and also frames it, so it is ideal for women with an oval face or inverted triangle and for curly or wavy hair as it accommodates practically alone.

Side Bangs

This is a very modern cut because the bangs can be a bit long and cover part of the face. It is perfect for young women with faces with soft features and wide forehead. It is much better in smooth hair, although wavy looks cute too.

Asymmetrical with Depreciable

This type of cut is very daring and will surely make you stand out. Use it especially if you have an oval or elongated face because it will frame your face perfectly, it is preferable that you use the hair very smooth for the cut to look. Keep in mind that in order to change the cut, you must let it grow or match it before making it.

Straight with Volume

If your hair is very curly or wavy and your face is oval or inverted triangle, this cut is perfect for you; Will give a lot of volume to your hair and does not require too much care. You can comb it with a line in the middle and thus balance the weight of hair.

Round with Straight Bang

This is a very cutting edge, ideal for women who wish to frame their face and give it strength. If you have a very long or thin face and a very wide forehead, this cut is ideal for you. It is advisable to keep your bangs straight and your hair remaining very smooth, so that the cut always looks perfect.

Up to the shoulders

These cuts are perfect for girls looking to change their style, but without sacrificing so much the length of their hair, this type of cut is ideal for a person who has curly hair as it is a perfect length to prevent the hair from sponging.

Longer Forward

This cut is very attractive and sweet image; Is perfect for all types of faces, but avoid it if your front is very wide as it will lengthen it more. If you have smooth hair this cut will be very easy to maintain, and also, not having layers, makes it ideal for women who like to make as much hair as let loose.

Messy Cases

This cut is perfect for curly and wavy hair as it is straight and this allows the hair to flow and have movement. You can wear it with bangs if your face is elongated or you have a wide front or without it if your face is round or rectangular. It is an ideal style since it requires little maintenance.

Long Sleeves

If you have little hair or this is very smooth, this cut is perfect for you. Use it to give volume and movement to your hair, as well as perfect framing your features and make you stand out. It is ideal for all types of face since it can be worn with straight bangs, side or without bangs.

Deciphered with Bang

To obtain a look that is always beautiful and tidy, this cut is ideal , the waxing will give notoriety to your face and will make your hair look silky. You can comb the tips inwards to frame your face if it is very elongated, or out if your face is rectangular or round. It can be used with wavy hair, but it will look better if your hair is smooth.

Irregular short sleeves

If you have a bold and very youthful style, this cut will be perfect in you. The short layers will give a lot of movement and lightness to your hair, especially if it is smooth and with little volume. It looks good with any type of face, it all depends on the shape you give the hairstyle.

Long hair

If you are looking to shape your hair but do not cut the length, these cuts can help you choose your new look, are very fashionable and are ideal for long hair.

Long Sleeves

This style is perfect for long hair and for triangular faces, as it gives volume to the lower part of the face. Whether you want to use wavy, curly or smooth hair, this cut will be perfect, also combines very well with bangs and does not require much maintenance.

Short Degreed Layers

If you want to look very feminine and with a cut that frames your features and volume your hair, this is perfect. If you combine it with a light bangs it will look great on oval, rectangular or inverted triangle faces. It will always stay comfortable and if you comb it with a hair dryer you will get a lot of movement.

Short and Straight

This is a very favorable cut for curly and wavy hair, as it does not add much volume to the hair and leaves you have a lot of movement. It is ideal for any type of face and does not require much maintenance or combing it too much.

Degrading and Straight

This style is very versatile and gives a lot of movement to your hair, it is perfect to give volume to hair very smooth and light. If your face is round or rectangular, this cut will make you look thinner on the face.

 Short hair

Definitely take the short hair has become very popular among women, it is a look for risk women who have no fear of anything, every day there are more styles and you can find the one that will perfect your type face.


The pixie is a cut that favors mainly faces oval and with very fine features since they tend to focus much attention to the face, although a round face could also carry it as long as it can create a more volume effect on the top of the head.


This type of cut is for the most daring, round or oval face, ideal to look great this summer and have a radical makeover, long depends on your taste like the short side of the hair.

Long beak

For those who fear to cut a lot of hair this cut is ideal, is a pixie style but with a long side fringe that will frame your face, no doubt the most beautiful hair cuts for this summer, ideal for round and square faces.

Mohawk Style

This style is super modern and special, for those who want a completely different cut this is ideal, it is a little shorter on the sides and in the middle it takes a different length as if using a mohawk all types of face can use this cut.

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