Beauty Tips: How to Get the Perfect Spring Hair Color?

Beauty Tips: How to Get the Perfect Spring Hair Color?

Spring HairWith spring knocking on the doors, time to shed-off those winter blues and set some incredible swanky tips rolling. Modifying homes, revamping the dear closet of yours and simply anything that welcomes the vibrant new season, spring certainly calls for a rejuvenating change! How about kick-starting the fashionable new season with a luscious hair color? Surely a trendy start to the season, isn’t it? Let’s quickly scroll around and take tips on some must-have shades for spring. Afterall, the blues and the boring dull colors are not sassy at all.

  1. Blonde is in – The very talented and famous hair artist Joel Warren, also the co-founder of Warren Tricomi Salons suggest that bright blonde hair shades are perfect this season. Certainly great news for those who were skeptical on getting their hair bleached. Go ahead and try getting dyed with the stunning monochromatic blonde. High-Lift blondes are not just sassy but extremely regal to look at. Definitely a must-have shade for women with lighter skin tone!
  2. Dimensional Blonde – Spring calls for warmer shades, don’t you agree? Well, having bright blonde strands coupled with warm caramel shades are certainly a stunner. Set your hair free or sweep the strands back and pin them, the dual tone dimensional shade is bound to lift-up the appeal factor by large. Just remember, the color suits best on light to medium skin tones.
  3. Make way for red – Yes, bold red surely compliments the bright springiness of the season! Don’t believe? Why don’t you watch Christina Hendricks in her latest avatar? Her bright red shoulder-length hair strands are unbelievably sassy. For an even more enhanced appeal, work on the dimensions by pairing the bold red shades with warm copper undertones. Guess what? Even blue shall work wonders! Why not make a few eyes pop with the classy and trendsetting hair style this season? Make way for red ladies!
  4. Violet is in the charts – Good news for those who didn’t think that the subtle light beige and bronze could hit the spot. Welcome the refreshing new violet my friends! Might sound a little too crazy but violet is certainly a color to bet on. It’s classy, sexy and also a warm tone that is best for springs. Couple it with shades of red undertones for a magical effect.
  5. Golden Copper – Not a super fan of vibrant colorful shades? Do you wish to stick to shades that are just a couple or two tones lighter or darker, most aptly close to the natural shade? Golden copper is your safe bet! Very much in tune with the natural tones, Golden Copper is a huge hit this spring. It’s absolutely gorgeous and brilliantly lifts-up the beauty and brightness of face and eyes. For an enticing effect, do up some small curls at the bottom. The glowing copper shades simply shine through.

Welcome the refreshing and vibrant new season with spruced-up locks. Bear in mind, colors surely add definition and style to the boring dull hairs but also calls for a good maintenance. Truck on with frequent conditioning treatments to keep up with the glow and appeal of the dyed hair strands.

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  1. Nice article. Some more stylish makeovers are Red hair coloring, Fringes hair cut, Radium green colored dresses, Bright color dresses depending on the occasions. Those who don’t like flashy colors can go for golden and skin color shades. The outlook also depends on foot wears and accessories too.


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