Aircraft Exhaust System Market: Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2018 – 2028

Aircraft Exhaust System Market: Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2018 – 2028

Aircraft Exhaust systems are a vital part of the aircraft propulsion mechanism. The exhaust system assembly in aircraft is usually constituted with exhaust mufflers, exhaust stacks, tailpipes, risers, wyes and turbo exhaust transitions. An aircraft exhaust system is a multifaceted system, unlike other exhaust systems. Aircraft exhaust systems are designed to take care of the engine NHS (noise, vibration, and harshness) and prevent melting by handling internal and external temperature variances. The main purpose of an exhaust system in an aircraft is to take the heat and gases away from the engine, which can cause a fire onboard and prevent leakage of poisonous gases into the cockpit.

A typical aircraft exhaust system is made up of several components. These systems use stainless steel casing which is sometimes made from Inconel, flanges & bend pipes which are used to circulate the exhaust gases, heat mufflers, and crossovers. There are mainly two types of exhaust systems used on aircraft engines – short stack systems and collector systems. Short stack systems are used on low-powered engines that emit less noise. Collector systems, on the other hand, are used on most large engines as they provide better scope for maintenance. In turbo-supercharged engines, engine exhaust gases are collected to run the compressor in the supercharger. Though the existing technologies for aircraft exhaust systems are advanced, there is always scope for improvisation due to the ever-rising demand for cleaner exhaust systems from end-use sectors.

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Aircraft Exhaust System Market: Dynamics

The aircraft exhaust system market is being mainly driven by the rise in the sales of a small body or commercial aircraft. With the increase in the number of aircraft yearly, the scope for aircraft exhaust systems has also increased. Along with this, the rise in the replacement of old exhaust systems installed in old aircraft is also facilitating the rise in demand for new aircraft exhaust system. The new trend observed in this market is extensive advancements in exhaust delivery, which can help reduce pollution and increase the power of the engine with the help of superchargers. The market is expected to grow in the coming years due to the intervention of the defense sector. The defense industry is anticipated to create more revenue for the aircraft exhaust systems market. The overall market for aircraft exhaust systems is anticipated to witness good fortune throughout the forecast period. Although the market seems to be promising, there are a few constraints, such as high cost of manufacturing and installation as well as high cost of operation and maintenance.

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Aircraft Exhaust System Market Segmentation By aircraft types – Narrow Body, Wide Body, Very Large Body, Regional Transport Aircraft; By system type – Short Stack System, Collector System; By engine type – Turbofan, Turboprop, Turboshaft, Others; By application – Commercial, Military, Business aviation

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