How to Lose Weight Without Exercises

How to Lose Weight Without Exercises

Losing weight is necessary for those who have the body expending more calories than they burn. It means that they have to eat fewer calories burn off them that you use during snacks and meals. Many people choose to do exercises to burn calories or reduce calories from their diet to achieve their goals on losing weight. These regular fundamental rule is useful for weight loss, but perhaps they are not practical for some people because they are lack of interest, suffer from bad health conditions, or their time is limited.

Some studies have found that diet is more important than exercise when we have to lose weight. For many people, it is really hard to have a plan for exercise and follow a conventional diet for weight loss. It may be easier to burning off a high amount of calories by reducing caloric input by your dietary changes compared to exercise. Few modification in your lifestyle and diet can help lose weight effectively and safely instead of doing exercise plan. They always wonder how to lose weight without exercises. However, some tips have been proven that they can help eat fewer calories in mindless way.

There are several effective ways to reduce weight instead of doing exercise, they also can prevent your weight from coming back in the future. Here are the top ways to lose weight:

1. Drink more water and adequate fluids

This is the simplest way can show you how to lose weight without exercises. When you drink water before a meal, it can help to lose weight because you will eat less. One research shows that adults drink half a liter of water about 30 minutes before a meal, can cut hunger and help the use fewer calories. Participants in this research drank water lost 40 percent weight in 12-week period and for those who did not is zero.

In other way, juice or soda is a good choice to replace water, this can give you fantastic experiences and greater effect. Suitable well-hydrated is crucial to lose weight. When you feel thirsty, it can have similarity to hungry and encourage you to eat more. With the suitable fluids can help you against this and enhance weight loss. The goal is eight glasses of non-sugar liquids per day. There are some kinds of best fluids including water, tea, coffee, sugar-free waters. They can be in your daily list. You can find more benefits of water at: 20 natural home remedies for peeling skin.

2. Eat without electronics devices

Electronics devices are TV, iPad, smart phone, and iPod. Most of people enjoy dinner with a movie, TV program or playing games, but this can lose your attention of how much they have eaten. Therefore, it causes overeating. If you pay attention to what you are eating, it will make you eat fewer calories.

With the results of 24 studies, it is the finding that people with the distraction at meal can eat about 10 percent more than if it is not. Moreover, if you do not pay attention in the meal time, it can help greater impact on your stomach’s need in that day. People with distraction at meal will eat 25 percent more calories at the next meal than the others. Stop using smartphone or computer or watching TV during the meal if you want to lose weight without exercises.

3. Avoid stress and sleep enough

Stress and good sleep are often neglected when people talk about what is the good health. Some studies show that two of these can have great effect on your weight. When you are in under high pressure or high stress, hormone namely cortisol can be encouraged. Or when your sleep is lack, the appetite-regulating hormones are leptin and ghrelin can be disrupted. These hormones may boost your hunger and make you need unhealthy food, it leads you take in higher calories. In addition, stress and lack of sleep can cause you at risk of some diseases, consisting of obesity and diabetes. Sleep well is a simple way to keep your healthy life.

4. Keep away unhealthy foods

When you see unhealthy foods, this can enhance your hunger and craving, leading you to eat more than others. Making a comparison with people who store only fruit and vegetables, people who keep unhealthy foods are more to weigh then. Stay away unhealthy food such as fast food, snacks cannot catch your eyes when you are hungry. You can do easy thing is store healthy foods in your eyes instead of unhealthy foods to lose weight.

5. Eat food with high protein

Protein can promote the feeling of fullness, eliminate hunger and make you eat fewer. Protein has powerful effects on some hormones which make contribution to hunger and fullness, called GLP-1 and ghrelin. Some foods with high amount of protein are fish like sardines, egg, almond, yogurt, chicken breast. One research shows that women who had eggs for breakfast will eat fewer calories at the next meal in that day, compared to who had a breakfast with grain-based. Therefore, you can lose weight without exercises by adding protein in your dietary.


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