4 Outstanding Tips to Increase Brand Value with Mobile App

4 Outstanding Tips to Increase Brand Value with Mobile App

The expected ROI of any mobile app is to generate the revenue by selling product or service through the app or through in-app advertising or through in-app purchases. Beside this, mobile app even helps businesses increase brand value. In fact, most of the businesses don’t think about this, but some businesses develop apps just to increase the brand value or retain the value that they’ve already achieved.

You may fall in any category said above, but if you’re expecting something from your app to increase brand value, then this guide is for you. This guide provides you 4 outstanding tips that can contribute many things to up the cursor of your brand.


  • Monitor your customers’ mobile moments

According to the American market research company Forrester, mobile moments are specific times when users pick their mobile to check or to do some tasks. An average smartphone user experiences around 200 mobile moments in a day.

Brainstorm to create a new functionality or refine an existing functionality to make users use your app again and again. Better you contact a mobile apps development company India that is well-versed in this.


  • Build Multiple Apps for Multiple Divisions (or Services)

This is burdening in cost’s viewpoint, but helpful to create an excellent brand value for each business division you have. If you’re running a hospital with services that are both child and adult oriented and even offer home-care services, consider developing a separate app for kid health, home care services and emergency services alike.

As I said before, in terms of cost and integration of divisions, this is not viable, but it can pave a path for building a long-lasting brand value targeting customers of different segments.


  • Educate users by pushing insightful contents

Branding is nothing but creating an impression or making customers feel good about you. If you educate them with content that revolves around their problems, they will feel awesome about you. This you can do by pushing regular push notifications with the creation of every new content.

According to a research by the marketing automation company Kahuna, push notification helped their customers improve app retention rate by 180% in 90 days.

Some useful contents that you can include in your push notification campaigns are:

  • Articles that boast solutions for specific customer-facing problems
  • About announcement of events or offers you launch
  • About product or services page they visited last time


  • Rich design and interactive functionalities

Shockingly, 20% of apps are not used more than once. So don’t neglect the quality, functionality and supporting components of your app:

  • Create attention-grabbing app screenshots, app video and app icon
  • Create striking UI design
  • Make sure your app is easy to navigate
  • Make sure functions are interactive
  • Prefer native app, instead or cross-platform app



I hope the above tips will help you take your business to the next level. In addition, you are recommended to collaborate with a best mobile app development company that is well-versed in creating brand-building apps. Consider this if your app is not yet built.


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